Wanna Learn Shred Guitar? We may have found exactly what You're looking for...

  • by Tom Boddison
  • 25 Jan, 2017

Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar Review

Wanna Learn Shred Guitar? We may have found exactly what You're looking for... (Speed Mechanics Review)
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"Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar"   has claimed for years to be an ideal method for learning to shred and solo like the pros.
But does it really live up to its promises? Is it really such a great way to learn?

After all, with so many different methods out there (many of them contradicting each other!) it can be really hard to choose which books and teachers to invest in.

That's why I decided to review the book for myself and see whether it really is as good as people say. Read on...

Speed Secrets

Written by virtuoso Troy Stetina at the height of the guitar shred era, the book features three sections covering three important topics: Mechanical Ability, Rhythmic Ability, and something that guitar teachers often don't cover: Creativity.

The "Mechanical Ability" section is the largest and most comprehensive part of the book - and don't worry, it won't make you sound like a mindless shredder! The exercises are very "bare bones" - that is, they deal with purely technique, and they leave you free to apply them to whatever musical styles you like. Covering legato, alternate picking, sweep picking and more, I found it very comprehensive and easy to follow.

It doesn't seem dated, either - yes, some of the bands and players that Troy mentions aren't very popular any more, but I think that the principles are timeless and they apply to modern styles just as well as they do to older music.

                       "It doesn't just give you a huge selection of exercises, it tells you how to create your own"

Some sections such as the one on sweep picking could really do with some expansion and extra explanation, as although there are plenty of exercises there isn't as much explanation of the motion as there is with the sections on alternate picking. It almost feels as though the alternate picking is the main aim of this book (which is covers excellently) with the sweeping being an additional bonus added at the last minute.

One of the biggest take away’s from the book for me personally was the fact that the book doesn't just give you a huge selection of exercises, but it also tells you how to create your own to deal with your own challenges and playing hiccups.

Troy emphasises that everyone has different goals and different skill sets, so everyone needs different exercises. He gives an  excellent 5 part practising strategy too that is vital if you want to learn to play fast.

And if speed is your thing, try the transcription of "Flight of the Bumblebee"! If you can master that (which is a very realistic goal if you follow the methods in the book) you'll be well on your way to becoming a super-fast shred guitar player.
Red Shred Guitar

The Ultimate Goal...

...is to achieve complete freedom on guitar so you can play whatever you like, whenever you like. I feel that the book is the ideal blueprint for that, because after the mechanical and rhythmic ability sections it goes on to cover something absolutely vital: creativity!

Most guitar teachers don't cover creativity, simply because they often don't know how to. It can be a bit of an abstract topic, but the book does a great job of showing you how to develop this elusive skill. After all, there's no point in being able to shred if you can't use it in music!

Starting off with a discussion of style before then moving on to some cool ear training exercises, Troy has laid a foundation for improving all of the music you create - whether it be shred, classic rock, jazz, or any other style. He then finishes off the section with some excellent soloing advice that I continue to find useful even after years of owning the book.

The Verdict

If you're an aspiring shredder, I couldn't recommend this book enough. It changed the way I played, and while it certainly isn't perfect (the tone can sometimes be a little dry, and some sections - the sweep picking one in particular - could do with a lot more detail) it is a great way to improve your guitar playing.

I paid £18 in the UK (around $22) for it a few years ago (and I'm still using it!), but you can get it for  less than $16 on Amazon US , or less than £13 on Amazon UK.

I don't recommend products on here unless I really believe in them, and this is one such product. Most shred guitar books don't even cover half the material that this does, and they do it far worse than this one.  If you wanna learn to shred, grab this book today.

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