Shred Guitar Made Easy is Released Tomorrow - Here are Three Free Lessons to Celebrate

  • by Tom Boddison
  • 03 Nov, 2017
´╗┐ ´╗┐Shred Guitar Made Easy is now available - you can check it out here .
The ultimate shred guitar course "Shred Guitar Made Easy" is released tomorrow!

It's a massive 10-week guide to mastering shred guitar, even if you're completely new to fast guitar playing.

Instead of being based on metronomes and boring practice routines, it's based on  fun, easy methods that work.

It's full of licks designed from the ground up to be played fast . This means that you can get great results  right away , without spending months struggling and straining.

Then you'll learn how to apply the methods to any piece of music with ease, giving you complete freedom on the guitar.

To celebrate the launch, we thought we'd revisit all of the free shred guitar lessons we've done recently as "free previews" of what Shred Guitar Made Easy has to offer.

End The Struggle, Turbo-Charge Your Speed And Find Out How to Play Lightning-Quick Guitar Licks - The first in the series. In this lesson you'll learn some really cool (but secretly easy) fast guitar licks, giving you the power to shred all over the neck. We're gonna use simple building blocks that you can master  fast to create loads of epic runs and sequences.

Easy Strategies to Break Down and Master Fast Guitar Licks: Shred Guitar Made Easy - In the next lesson of the series you'll learn how to take  any lick and make it loads easier by making some simple changes to your technique. Been struggling to play your favourite shred song? This lesson will make it happen. (Note: this lesson was written for Ultimate Guitar, so you'll be taken there when you click on the link)

Two Easy, Quick Exercises That Have Transformed My Shred Picking Technique - These exercises have made a huge difference to my technique. They're simple and quick to do, but they train your hands to play effortlessly - which is one of the keys of fast guitar playing. Check them out!

These lessons give you a tiny taster of what you'll get in Shred Guitar Made Easy. If you like them, you'll love the course!

Find out more about Shred Guitar Made Easy here - and stay tuned for the launch tomorrow!

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