Free Rock Beginners Course

FREE Complete Beginner Rock Guitar Course

This is THE BEST way to learn rock guitar. Period. In your very first lesson you'll learn a full song, and by the fourth lesson you'll be playing solos! Yes, it's possible; it's also easy, fun and the perfect foundation for going on to better things. Wanna be a great player? Wanna be in a big rock band one day? Hell, even just wanna have fun learning a few fun songs? This is the method for you.

The best part? It's all free, and always will be. I've set out to show that guitar is not hard, and that anyone can learn it - so check out the lessons below and rock out!

This is all based around learning rock music, too - no boring technical stuff or "Ode to Joy" here! Click on the lesson number below to go to that lesson and get all of the bonus materials (backing tracks, etc.).

Lesson 001 - Learn a Whole Rock Song Today! (Even if You've Never Played Guitar)

Lesson 002 - Two Super-Easy Beginner Rock Guitar Riffs You Can Learn

Lesson 003 - What Do All The Parts On A Guitar Do? Get The Best Tone

Lesson 004 - Learn A Cool Guitar Solo! Even if You're A Complete Beginner!

Lesson 005 - Learn A Cool Rock Song - AND Improve Your Speed!

Lesson 006 - Learn How to PRACTICE On Guitar For Beginners!

Lesson 007

Rhythm Basics 1: PDF
Rhythm Basics 2: PDF
Song From Lesson 001: PDF
Find the TuxGuitar files HERE.
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