Free Mega-Lessons

Free Mega-Lessons
This is where you can find TomGuitar MEGA LESSONS - huge lessons and courses packed full of useful content just for you! Every mega-guide is 100% free, and I aim to make this stuff as good as possible - and even better than stuff from others that you'd pay for!

Fifty three awesome, famous and easy-to-play songs from legends like Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, and more. Complete with tabs, links and tips for mastering each and every song, this gigantic list is the ultimate rock guitar resource. Check it out now!

Ever wanted to learn lead guitar but haven't known where to start? This massive lesson features 47 solos from some of the biggest bands and guitarists of all time - and every single one is perfect for beginners.  I've added my exclusive tips to this lesson so you can learn the solos even faster, and avoid the common problems everyone faces when they learn solos.

If you get fed up with spending hours looking for a decent backing track, this is the perfect guide for you. It's absolutely huge, and not only contains loads of free backing tracks in a host of different styles, but also the scales you need, unique tips and advice for every single track and a whole load of strategies for improving your improvised solos. If you want to improve your lead guitar, you can't afford to miss it!

Think the pentatonic scale is boring? Think again. This huge lesson will show you the REAL power of the pentatonic scale. From blues to modes, it's amazing how much you can do when you master this deceptively easy system. This guide is packed full of exciting tricks, solid tips and super strategies to take your scales to the next level. If you struggle to "break out of the box" and get creative on the fretboard, this is the guide for you. Oh, and another thing - this one includes the complete first chapter to "Guitar Scales Revealed", too, helping you to reach the next level of freedom on the fretboard!

If you've ever been confused by the fancy chord names out there like F#sus2add11, E7#9, or Bm(M9), this is the guide to you. Even if you've only just mastered the basic major barre chord shape, this guide will take you right up to playing the most advanced chords you can. Best of all? You'll understand WHY the notes are where they are, allowing you to really use this stuff in music. If you want to spice up your songwriting, play some cool-sounding chord voicings or just add jazz to your rhythm playing, check it out!
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