Guitar Scales Revealed is here! LAUNCH DAY TODAY

  • by Tom Boddison
  • 15 May, 2017
Guitar Scales Revealed: The Unconventional Guide to Iron-Clad Scale Knowledge is finally here!

Grab your copy (with  40 free audio files) from Amazon right here:
US $5.11
UK £3.99

So what do you get?
  • A complete system that you can use for any scale , in any key and any fretboard position
  • A super-easy way to visualise scales all over the neck with ease
  • Essential, easy-to-use theory that won't restrict you including intervals, scale formation, modes and more
  • Ear training to supercharge your soloing abilities
  • The scales every guitar player needs to know like the pentatonic, minor and blues
  • Exotic scales like the phrygian dominant, whole tone and melodic minor
  • Loads of audio examples and over 90 diagrams and tabs
  • Full, easy-to-understand explanations of every single concept and theory idea
  • A focus on fun and application to real music
  • Simple strategies applicable to any and all styles
  • Modes and how to make them easy
  • How to abandon scales, play from your inner ear and form your very own style
  • Full email support and guidance

If you're still not sure, you can grab the first chapter (plus our free Pentatonic Scale Secrets guide) right here - try the methods risk-free!

Then go and grab the book from Amazon and skyrocket your skills today!
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