Guitar Scales Revealed

Guitar Scales Revealed
The Unconventional Guide to Iron-Clad Scale Knowledge

Every Scale. Every Position. Every Key.
One System.

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Six Reasons You Need This Book:
1. Simple, effortless-to-learn methods for on-demand results
2. Transform from theory novice to scale pro
3. Secrets to why more scale patterns AREN'T the answer
4. Solid, proven ear training strategies
5. Every scale all over the neck with just one easy system
6. 100% email support and guidance
Wanna play great guitar solos? Write cool songs? Master the fretboard? You need scales.
Here's what you're gonna get:
  • A complete, all-in-one system for guitar scales and scale theory
  • Simple scale solutions to skyrocket your skills
  • 40 audio examples and over 90 tabs and diagrams
  • Easy ear training to give you killer melody and soloing abilities
  • How to learn any new scale – no matter how complex – all over the neck almost instantly
  • EASY theory that’s fun and won’t restrict you, plus how to USE it in music
  • Exciting exotic scales to add spice to your sound
  • Methods applicable to ANY style from jazz to rock, shred to folk
  • How to transcend scales altogether and create your own unique style
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