Guest Posts

Guest Posts
Wanna write for TomGuitar? Contact us using the Talk To Us page!

Put the subject of the message as "Guest Post".

Why should you guest post?
  • Reach a whole new audience
  • Improve search engine rankings to get more site visitors
  • Expand the reach of your website and be seen by more people worldwide

In your message you should include:
  • Your name, email and the web address of your blog/site
  • A quick overview of your article including the title, three/four main points (keep them brief) and how it will benefit readers of TomGuitar
If we like the idea, you can send us the full article and we'll post it to the blog!

Your article should:
  • Be around 1000-2000 words, but we'll accept anything over 750 words providing the quality is good.
  • Be completely original and unique.
  • Be beneficial to the readers of this blog. This is the most important thing! Think about what rock guitarists want to learn or find out about. It should make you go "wow, this is great!"
  • Be well written. Eliminate any spelling/grammatical errors from your article before sending it to us.
  • Include a 50-150 word "author bio" section (this is in addition to the 750 word minimum for the article). This is where any links to your website should go (not in the main body of the article).
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