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by Tom Boddison 18 Jan, 2018
The TomGuitar FREE Complete Rock Guitar Beginner's Course is here!
by Tom Boddison 10 Jan, 2018
The course is out TODAY! Master this vital shred guitar skill...
by Tom Boddison 09 Jan, 2018
Grab the epic course tomorrow - for now, check out this shred guitar lesson!
by Tom Boddison 08 Jan, 2018
Featuring everyone from Metallica to Kings of Leon, you can check out the new TomGuitar Mega-Guide here .

Have fun!
by Tom Boddison 06 Jan, 2018
Today we've got three more exciting videos showing you my new favourite guitar - the Squier Bullet Stratocaster!

First is an in-depth and honest review of the guitar and all of its features:
by Tom Boddison 01 Jan, 2018
Create amazing, super-fast shred runs on-the-spot...
by Tom Boddison 30 Dec, 2017
The first TomGuitar YouTube video is here! Here's a tone test on the Squier Bullet Stratocaster, the cheapest guitar Fender/Squier make.
by Tom Boddison 18 Dec, 2017
The Complete System for Playing Unique, Customisable, Lightning-Fast Licks On-the-Spot
by Tom Boddison 12 Dec, 2017
This is a guest post by Glen Parry of Audio Mastered - find out more about him below. Enjoy!
by Tom Boddison 04 Dec, 2017
NOTE: This is just a short lesson this week. I'm working on some really exciting stuff to be unveiled soon, so stay tuned for it! For now, have fun with these improvisation tips.
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