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by Tom Boddison 04 Dec, 2017
NOTE: This is just a short lesson this week. I'm working on some really exciting stuff to be unveiled soon, so stay tuned for it! For now, have fun with these improvisation tips.
by Tom Boddison 21 Nov, 2017
When I was in my mid teens I decided that if I was going to do  anything with my life, it would be mastering the guitar.

I might not ever be rich or famous, but if I could master this instrument then I'd be happy.

Of course, you can't  really  "master" an instrument because the learning never stops - but that didn't stop me from trying!

I remember reading about how I needed a practise schedule, and how I should practise for hours every day if I wanted to get good.

I drew up practise plans and tried to force myself to stick to them, running through scales, exercises, and theory.

It always felt like a struggle. Sometimes I'd get results and feel excited, but more often than not I'd feel overwhelmed, frustrated and fed up.

It took too much effort! All those hours, and all that discipline... it felt like work, when it should have been fun!

I always had to  force myself to do it, and I always felt guilty because I wasn't playing as much as I was told I "should".
by Tom Boddison 13 Nov, 2017
The better your finger independence, the better you can play  anything ...
by Tom Boddison 04 Nov, 2017
It's finally here!

You can check out Shred Guitar Made Easy HERE over at teachable, where the course is hosted.

In case you haven't heard, it's the  biggest course /lesson series that I've ever done here at TomGuitar. It's a whopping ten weeks of awesome shred guitar lessons and strategies.

Here's just a small sample of what you're gonna get:

  • A step-by-step 10-week approach to mastering shred guitar
  • The three key approaches to playing fast on guitar - and which you should focus on for maximum results
  • Over 50 specially-chosen core licks and super-effective exercises to supercharge your abilities
  • A bonus course of 100 epic shred licks to give you endless ideas and inspiration
  • How to make any lick easier and faster by using a simple step-by-step approach
  • How to master any song, at any speed, in record time
  • Correct fretting and picking technique, including how to master synchronisation between the hands
  • How to master any technique, and combine them for ultimate playing freedom and shredding skill
  • 10 key practice methods that are fun and super-effective
  • Why 99% of people fail - and how to become the 1% that succeed
You can grab the course now, or  find out more info first.

This course is the most effective, most comprehensive guide to fast playing out there. I'm not gonna tell you how "hard" it is, or how you need a three-hour-a-day practice schedule to succeed.

Instead I'll give you simple methods that  work -  fast. Within the first week or two you could be shredding up and down the neck, and by the end of the course you'll be able to play pretty much anything you like - how cool is that?

I really hope you like the course. I'd love to have you on board!

Have fun, and keep rocking!
by Tom Boddison 03 Nov, 2017
 Shred Guitar Made Easy is now available - you can check it out here .
by Tom Boddison 22 Oct, 2017
Two simple 5-minute tricks to improve your picking...
by Tom Boddison 18 Oct, 2017
To celebrate the upcoming launch of the first TomGuitar Mega-Course "Shred Guitar Made Easy" , we're doing some epic free lessons teaching you how to shred.

In this lesson, which I wrote for Ultimate Guitar , you'll learn how to take  any lick - from any shred song you like - and master it.

We're gonna forget metronomes for a while, and instead learn some super-easy methods to get massive progress in a short amount of time.

It's all about removing challenges. Is a string change causing you trouble in the middle of a fast lick? Find a way to remove the string change, or replace it with an easier challenge, while still getting the same sound.

We're gonna get really in-depth in this lesson, so check it out now and watch your results explode!

This is just one tiny skill that you'll learn in the massive "Shred Guitar Made Easy" course. It's like no other shred guitar method out there.

You see, shred  can be easy if you follow the right methods. Using the right practice methods, the right licks, and the right mental approach, you can learn to shred  WAY faster than everyone around you.

All it takes is a new approach.

Find out more about the course here - I'm really looking forward to showing you guys how to shred!

Have fun, and keep rocking!
by Tom Boddison 09 Oct, 2017

To celebrate the upcoming release of Shred Guitar Made Easy: Tricks, Hacks, and Strategies to Master Guitar Shredding we’ve put together some great lessons giving you killer shred guitar tips and tricks.

In this lesson you’ll learn some cool-sounding, fancy-looking (but deceptively easy) patterns that anyone can learn, and then find out how to use them on-the-spot in any song you like – giving you the freedom to shred all over the neck with minimal practice.

You see, there’s no need to do millions of repetitions of licks and exercises to a metronome.

Sure, it can be helpful, and it certainly gets results, but there’s one problem with it.


Really, really boring.

On TomGuitar we’ve covered how to make endless repetition really fun, but this lesson is different.

This is about how to remove the need for it altogether, and learn how to shred using easy techniques that sound and look great, but don’t require a lot of practice.

In this free lesson we’re gonna cover some easy “building blocks” that you can master fast, before combining them to create some really cool and fast patterns.

Let’s get started!

Click Here to grab the audio and PDF tabs for the shred licks in this lesson.

by Tom Boddison 03 Oct, 2017
This week we have a special guest on the blog - Max Chiossi of " I Will Teach You to Play Guitar "!

Max is an awesome player and a great teacher, and in this lesson he'll show you how to improve the quality of your guitar practice using 7 easy tips and strategies.

If you follow the tips in this article, you'll skyrocket your progress and get WAY better results. Improving the quality of your practice time is one of the best things you can do to learn guitar faster - regardless of what style you're into.

Over to Max!
by Tom Boddison 20 Sep, 2017
Vibrato  is  something you can practice. Here's how to master this vital yet elusive skill.
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