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by Tom Boddison 21 Jun, 2017
A new approach - and the power of complete FOCUS...
by Tom Boddison 20 Jun, 2017
Your motivation is 100% under YOUR control
by Tom Boddison 19 Jun, 2017
Make this incredible technique effortless...
by Tom Boddison 14 Jun, 2017
The major scale is the foundation of pretty much all music in the western world.

That's why we created this super-easy guide to help you master it! Using just one core shape with two related shapes, you can cover the whole neck with the major scale in any key you like.

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by Tom Boddison 12 Jun, 2017
What if your favourite players really AREN'T doing anything special?
by Tom Boddison 03 Jun, 2017
If there's one thing that makes THE difference to your guitar success, it's your mindset.

Your thinking defines your motivation, effort and practice approach - which are vital for being a great player.

If you wanna be an awesome player who makes people go "Wow! How did he do THAT?!", forget about practice for a moment and focus on your mindset.
by Tom Boddison 01 Jun, 2017
...With the FREE e-Book "Guitar Fretboard Notes"!

Everyone  thinks they know the fretboard notes well enough, but unless they are second nature you'll struggle to reach your full potential on the guitar.

If you want to:
  • Play awesome solos
  • Play songs and scales easily
  • Write your own original songs
  • Learn to improvise cool new music on the spot

Then you need to master the fretboard notes!

Grab the book free here: Guitar Fretboard Notes: Easy, Quick Methods to Master the Guitar Neck

It's only free for the next 5 days , so don't miss out - download it now!

Have fun, and keep rocking!
by Tom Boddison 19 May, 2017
Master any scale pattern fast and effectively with our new cheat-sheet on speed-learning your guitar scales.

Go here to get a free (and huge) guide on "Pentatonic Scale Secrets", that's perfect to go with this infographic!
by Tom Boddison 17 May, 2017
If there's one thing about chords that confuses guitar players, it's complex extensions. Learn to master them and skyrocket your guitar skills - even if you're a beginner - in this free mega-guide.

Thankfully, chord extensions don't have to be hard! Most people get put off by the complex names and seemingly endless fretboard shapes, but by using the right methods you'll quickly realise how easy it all is.

All of the chord types in the world can be derived from the basic major barre chord. Check out the 9-part mega-guide below, and have fun expanding your chord knowledge!
by Tom Boddison 15 May, 2017
Wanna improve your improv? You're in the right place! We've got 44 super-useful improvisation tips for you, all in an easy-to-use infographic.

To celebrate the launch of Guitar Scales Revealed we're giving you this MONSTER guide absolutely free! Check it out, and let us know what you think. Have fun!
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