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by Tom Boddison 18 Oct, 2017
To celebrate the upcoming launch of the first TomGuitar Mega-Course "Shred Guitar Made Easy" , we're doing some epic free lessons teaching you how to shred.

In this lesson, which I wrote for Ultimate Guitar , you'll learn how to take  any lick - from any shred song you like - and master it.

We're gonna forget metronomes for a while, and instead learn some super-easy methods to get massive progress in a short amount of time.

It's all about removing challenges. Is a string change causing you trouble in the middle of a fast lick? Find a way to remove the string change, or replace it with an easier challenge, while still getting the same sound.

We're gonna get really in-depth in this lesson, so check it out now and watch your results explode!

This is just one tiny skill that you'll learn in the massive "Shred Guitar Made Easy" course. It's like no other shred guitar method out there.

You see, shred  can be easy if you follow the right methods. Using the right practice methods, the right licks, and the right mental approach, you can learn to shred  WAY faster than everyone around you.

All it takes is a new approach.

Find out more about the course here - I'm really looking forward to showing you guys how to shred!

Have fun, and keep rocking!
by Tom Boddison 09 Oct, 2017

To celebrate the upcoming release of Shred Guitar Made Easy: Tricks, Hacks, and Strategies to Master Guitar Shredding we’ve put together some great lessons giving you killer shred guitar tips and tricks.

In this lesson you’ll learn some cool-sounding, fancy-looking (but deceptively easy) patterns that anyone can learn, and then find out how to use them on-the-spot in any song you like – giving you the freedom to shred all over the neck with minimal practice.

You see, there’s no need to do millions of repetitions of licks and exercises to a metronome.

Sure, it can be helpful, and it certainly gets results, but there’s one problem with it.


Really, really boring.

On TomGuitar we’ve covered how to make endless repetition really fun, but this lesson is different.

This is about how to remove the need for it altogether, and learn how to shred using easy techniques that sound and look great, but don’t require a lot of practice.

In this free lesson we’re gonna cover some easy “building blocks” that you can master fast, before combining them to create some really cool and fast patterns.

Let’s get started!

Click Here to grab the audio and PDF tabs for the shred licks in this lesson.

by Tom Boddison 03 Oct, 2017
This week we have a special guest on the blog - Max Chiossi of " I Will Teach You to Play Guitar "!

Max is an awesome player and a great teacher, and in this lesson he'll show you how to improve the quality of your guitar practice using 7 easy tips and strategies.

If you follow the tips in this article, you'll skyrocket your progress and get WAY better results. Improving the quality of your practice time is one of the best things you can do to learn guitar faster - regardless of what style you're into.

Over to Max!
by Tom Boddison 20 Sep, 2017
Vibrato  is  something you can practice. Here's how to master this vital yet elusive skill.
by Tom Boddison 16 Sep, 2017
Progress on guitar tends to come in two forms:

1) Gradual progress, with skills that you improve gradually over time. This is the bit-by-bit progress you get each day in things like scales, chords etc.

2) Bursts of progress, with skills that tend to stagnate for a while before suddenly becoming much better. This is often what happens with skills like picking technique, and other technical challenges (such as my experience with flamenco rasgueado strumming).

As discussed in the last article  ( don't worry, you don't have to read it to understand this article) , our brain automatically makes assumptions about how much progress we will make.

This can be a good thing, because it gives us an idea of how long we might take to learn something.

However, most of the time these subconscious expectations are  way off, leading to frustration and a feeling of helplessness ("Why can't I learn this?!").

If we could accurately predict exactly what progress we'll make and when - including getting a rough idea of what our motivation will be like at any given point - then we'd be able to smash through almost any challenge without too much trouble.

We'd be able to prepare for plateaus before we hit them, and we'd always know if we were on track to our goals - pretty awesome, right?

In this lesson we're gonna go through some key strategies you can use to predict the results you'll get - and how to use this info to become a better player.
by Tom Boddison 11 Sep, 2017
Eliminate frustration forever and punch through plateaus in your playing...
by Tom Boddison 13 Aug, 2017
I talk a lot about practice and mindset here at TomGuitar - and that's because they're SUPER important to becoming a good player.

Practice well, and you'll get handsomely rewarded.

But how do you practice "well"? What even defines how good your practice is?

Any practice session (and actually, any skill - from water skiing to languages) can be broken down into three key elements, and it's these three that make the difference between success and failure.

Download the free "Effective Practice Cheat-Sheet" for a one-page PDF of all the tips in this article. You can print it out (or save it) and have it right next to you when you practice, to make sure you get maximum results every time you pick up your guitar! Pretty cool, huh?
by Tom Boddison 08 Aug, 2017
The highly-acclaimed Jamie Andreas (of Guitar Principles) is here to give us some excellent advice on getting past frustrating plateaus on the guitar.
by Tom Boddison 15 Jul, 2017
Get the best tips from 15 top guitarists and teachers on how YOU can be the best guitarist you can be
by Tom Boddison 11 Jul, 2017
Every guitar player wants stronger fingers. Find out the TRUTH about guitar finger strength... and why it might be very different to what you think.
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