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by Tom Boddison 13 Aug, 2017
I talk a lot about practice and mindset here at TomGuitar - and that's because they're SUPER important to becoming a good player.

Practice well, and you'll get handsomely rewarded.

But how do you practice "well"? What even defines how good your practice is?

Any practice session (and actually, any skill - from water skiing to languages) can be broken down into three key elements, and it's these three that make the difference between success and failure.

Download the free "Effective Practice Cheat-Sheet" for a one-page PDF of all the tips in this article. You can print it out (or save it) and have it right next to you when you practice, to make sure you get maximum results every time you pick up your guitar! Pretty cool, huh?
by Tom Boddison 08 Aug, 2017
The highly-acclaimed Jamie Andreas (of Guitar Principles) is here to give us some excellent advice on getting past frustrating plateaus on the guitar.
by Tom Boddison 15 Jul, 2017
Get the best tips from 15 top guitarists and teachers on how YOU can be the best guitarist you can be
by Tom Boddison 11 Jul, 2017
Every guitar player wants stronger fingers. Find out the TRUTH about guitar finger strength... and why it might be very different to what you think.
by Tom Boddison 03 Jul, 2017
If there's one thing every guitar player wants, it's more TIME.

It always seems like you can't practice as much as you'd like, and some days you might not get to practice at all. It can get really frustrating!

Thankfully it doesn't have to be like this. With the strategies in this article, you'll be able to find loads more practice time and reach your goals much faster.

Every extra minute you find is another minute that's helping you become a better player - that's why every extra minute needs to be squeezed out.

Let's get started!

Grab the free "Practice Time Checklist" PDF for a summary of all 13 points in this article. Print it off and hang it up in your practice room so you can always find time to practice, no matter how busy you are!
by Tom Boddison 29 Jun, 2017
The complete process to mastering any lick, in any song...
by Tom Boddison 21 Jun, 2017
A new approach - and the power of complete FOCUS...
by Tom Boddison 20 Jun, 2017
Your motivation is 100% under YOUR control
by Tom Boddison 19 Jun, 2017
Make this incredible technique effortless...
by Tom Boddison 14 Jun, 2017
The major scale is the foundation of pretty much all music in the western world.

That's why we created this super-easy guide to help you master it! Using just one core shape with two related shapes, you can cover the whole neck with the major scale in any key you like.

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