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by Tom Boddison 19 Apr, 2017
Face it: If you wanna play blues, you need the Blues scale. Forget the five boxes - learn how to cover the whole neck with one easy shape right now...
by Tom Boddison 06 Apr, 2017
Ever get fed up of learning pentatonic box patterns? Use our iron-clad formula to play the whole scale, all over the neck, with just one simple pattern.
by Tom Boddison 28 Mar, 2017
...your specifications, your unique colour scheme and your own tone.

Most people assume that it would cost hundreds (if not over £1000/$1250) to make your very own unique guitar or have it made for you. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own unique guitar that is a one-of-a-kind for less than £100/$125?

Could we theoretically make a signature Stratocaster for less than $125/£100 that played well, sounded good, and was easy to put together?

(Note: at the end of the article I’ll be showing you how you could spend a little more cash and some extra time to make something that’s really special!)

All prices are correct at time of writing

by Tom Boddison 22 Mar, 2017
Fed up of spending ages searching for a decent backing track? Want to get better at improvising solos but don't know how?

If you answered "yes" to either of those questions, check out our brand new free Mega-Guide: "38 Free, Great Quality Backing Tracks - And How to Use Them to Improve Your Improv!" right now!

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by Tom Boddison 05 Feb, 2017
After much work the first free TomGuitar "Mega-Guide" is here! You can go to it right now .

It's packed full of 47 guitar solos that are perfect for beginners to learn. Including songs by legendary artists such as Guns N' Roses, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Eric Clapton, it really is the ultimate way to start learning lead guitar.

Not only that - I've also included a full intro section with my top secrets and tips which will help you to learn the solos even faster.

I hope you enjoy it - there'll be even more free guides to come soon!
by Tom Boddison 25 Jan, 2017

This could be the best guitar book I've ever read...

by Tom Boddison 25 Jan, 2017

7 Deceptively Easy Tricks to Stand Out from the Crowd and Take Your Tapping to the Stratosphere

by Tom Boddison 25 Jan, 2017
Wanna Learn Shred Guitar? We may have found exactly what You're looking for... (Speed Mechanics Review)
by Tom Boddison 25 Jan, 2017

How to Learn 5-10x Faster With Two Simple Practice Tricks

by Tom Boddison 24 Jan, 2017

Are these the best strings on the market? I decided to find out... (Elixir Strings Review)

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